Selegua is a competence center in Marketing and Sales Channel Management for small and medium companies. With our help, you can have an experienced Marketing Department in full flexibility.

Our team supports you in all your projects with focus on the following elements.

  1. Starting in Marketing

    You don’t have your own Marketing department and you probably don’t need a full time team. But to grow you need an expert to identify and confirm the roads for growth. Then he will design the approach and the most efficient ways to achieve it,

    1. Marketing and Sales Channel audit

    2. Priorities identification

    3. Positioning and segmentation

    4. Marketing plan

    5. 360° degree communication plan (web, ATL, BTL, direct, indirect…)

  2. Daily management

    1. Structuring a Marketing department

    2. Marketing plan deployment

    3. Image and communication management

    4. Event organization

    5. Implementation of Marketing tools

    6. Management and valorization of customer and suppliers portfolio

  3. Grow with Marketing

    1. Lead generation

    2. Sales support (sales force management, material, tools & trainings)

    3. Management and optimization of sales channels

    4. CLC (Customer Live Cycle) and customer valorization (retention, valorization, acquisition…)

    5. Price policy and additional revenues

    6. RoMI (Return on Marketing Investment)

  4. Win the internet

    1. e-Marketing: management of your web approach

    2. Social networking, e-presence & e-reputation

    3. Content management

    4. Engagement & customer valorization

    5. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  5. Temporary support

    1. Temporary actions: product launch, market surveys, events…

    2. Marketing tools implementation: CRM, mass mailing, website,Social networks…

    3. Interim

  6. Project management

    All your Marketing projects and communications are centrally managed by your shared CMO. He follows your activities according to the principles of the Prince 2 methodology and guarantee a clear reporting, the respect of the delays, quality and budgets. He is on your side to share and challenge ideas, negotiate in your interest and represent your company in any circumstances.